Mineral Deposits and Exploration

Mineral Deposits and Exploration

MDaE is an online map application covering Finland. It contains mineral deposits and mines, outcrop observations and drilling sites, ore boulders, radiometric ages, mining registry, geological, geochemical and geophysical maps, nature conservation areas and an elevation model based on lidar data.

Hakku Spatial Data Products service

Hakku (Spatial data products)

The Hakku service lets you search and download a wide range of spatial data products. Includes coordinate-bound, digitally distributed material. Different types of units, occurrence information and map files, prepared from observation and measurement material, are distributed as geographic information products.

Hakku, Publications, reports, maps and posters

Hakku (Publications, reports, maps and posters)

Information about all archive reports published by Geological Survey of Finland or handed over to GTK. Here can also be found all printed maps and research publications published by GTK. There are approximately 13,500 full-text products in PDF format in the service.


Research infrastructure

GTK`s research infrastructure, laboratory services and research methods.

Expert services

GTK`s expert services

GTK has extensive experience and a successful history in all sectors of ore surveying in Finland. Our constantly updated digital materials provide a solid basis for surveying ore potential.

Online services

Other online services and data sets

The geo.fi website is a centralised and up-to-date interface service for browsing and downloading geological documents and spatial data products. It also includes an online store for data products. Contribute to Finland’s national geodatabase and make full use of the centralised management of the data.